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How To Save On Bank Fees

How To Save On Bank Fees

bank fees

It’s no secret that I hate bank fees. I haven’t gotten around to investigating a new bank or my local credit unions yet, but I will. For bank fee haters like myself, USA Today offers several tips on keeping bank fees low as banks struggle to increase revenue.

Some of us are particularly insistent on not paying bank fees; I narrowly avoided incurring an ATM fee today as a result of this stubborn resolve. You see, I’m currently out of cash in my wallet and simply refuse to incur an ATM fees due to out of network machines to get more cash. So, in typical fashion, until I get to my bank or ATM and reload, unless I can use my debit card, I don’t have any physical cash. This can be a great way of saving money, or, like today, it can cause trouble.

It had been a rough day

I was running late because I was up with a bad migraine last night. On top of that, my commuter train was running late enough to cause me to miss the last morning shuttle from the downtown Chicago station to my office (I have a monthly pass for the train and the shuttle). I usually carry a Chicago Transit Authority card (different from the commuter rail monthly card – dumb) with me for these situations in case I miss the last shuttle, but of course, today I didn’t have a pre-paid card on me.

I ran off the train as soon as it pulled into the station, nearly knocking down and older man and sighing heavily at another passenger who dared to get in my way as I ran to catch my bus. When I got down to the street, the shuttle was nowhere to be found. With no cash in my wallet but pocket change, I turned on my heel to go to CVS to buy a snack and take out $20 from the register so I could buy a bus pass or take a cab. Luckily, just before I opened the door, I spotted my shuttle – also running super late – barreling down the crowded street. I made it to work, very late, of course, but without spending any extra dollars to get there.

It all worked out in the end

Sometimes I curse the world when it’s not running on time. Today, I thanked my bus driving for saving me a few dollars! I can’t wait for it to be nice enough for me to walk the mile and a half to the office in the morning. For now, I just need to get some cash in my wallet.

How To Save On Your Electricity Bill

How To Save On Your Electricity Bill


In today’s economic world, with a global recession affecting most nations, living on a budget and trying to cut costs is crucial. Lowering your monthly bills is one of the first things that comes to most of our minds. We try to imagine how we can spend less money on food, how we can cut transportation costs, and how we can make our utility bills lower. It’s important to cut down on costs wherever possible. This is especially true for large corporations, where the imperative is to try to save money, preserve profit and keep job losses to a minimum. One of the most common ways to cut expenses is to try and reduce the companies electric bill where they can.
In this article I will show you a few things you could do to try and do to cut down on the amount of electricity you use.
saving on your electricity bill

Some tips to saving on your electricity bill

The most common thing is to make sure the office lights are turned off when they’re not needed. The light bulbs can also be changed to low-energy models or compact fluorescent or LED bulbs. Air conditioning and heating shouldn’t be used excessively and should be maintained and serviced regularly.
Programmable thermostats should be used in office buildings, and access should only be given to certain people. Getting an energy audit may also help and asking the electric company itself on how to cut down on electricity is a good idea.
Set your computer to an energy-saving mode. All computers can be adjusted so that they go into sleep mode when they are not used for a certain amount of time. This will allow you to save energy without having to reboot your computer each time you want to use it.
Unplug your cell-phone charger when it is not in use. Even if there is no phone attached, your charger is still using electricity if it is plugged in.
If you have children, set limits on the number of electrical devices they may use at once. No one needs to have the television, the computer, and the radio all on at the same time.
Depending on where you live, you may also have the option of changing service providers. If this is possible, check out the rates of all electricity and gas providers in your area. You will, of course, want to go with the cheapest rates possible without jeopardizing service quality.

What about businesses?

It’s a good idea for businesses to calculate their electricity cost if they want to save on company electric bill. If they know exactly how many kilowatt hours are being used up, it will help. They can also check out the internet for articles and tips on how to reduce their costs. Many of these tips can then be integrated into their energy-saving plans.

Where else can I look?

Ultimately, a professional energy services company or engineering firm will be a valuable resource once you have picked off the low hanging fruit mentioned above. These companies can help you design and implement long-term strategies and technologies to reduce your energy consumption and corresponding costs significantly.
Turn out your lights when you are not using them. Make sure that when you leave the house, you leave the minimum number of lights necessary. You may need to leave on one or two for safety reasons, to make the house look occupied or to be able to see when you get home. But you do not need to leave all of the lights in the house on.

Residential Lighting Automation

No need to worry because controlling systems exist just to lessen that problem. The fun fact is you can now control the amount of light that you need because sometimes too much brightness can become a hindrance to the eyes.
We wish for a boost in comfort, and that will occur. Even a dim light can help us to get comfortable in certain times. Truth is being productive goes in association with becoming comfortable.
Most importantly, this is the best option for saving energy. This will be achieved when the dimmers are used because as it gets darker, less energy is consumed. In fact, it is said that about four to nine percent of electricity can be saved with dimmers.
An extended life expectancy will happen with the bulbs as well. I know you guys hate changing light bulbs!

Wrapping it up

The bottom line is that people that need to save money should tackle these great ways of saving on your electricity bill. Using electricity should be something you strictly monitor.

Welcome To SingerAM

Hello and welcome to my new website SingerAM! I’m absolutely stoked to be getting into the online scene and look forward to blogging about all things budgeting and personal finance. This first post will be a short one of course and I just wanted to put myself in the spotlight and explain a little bit about what I do.

So, spit it out! Who are you?

Jeez, you’re making me blush. My name is Melissa and I am a self employed personal finance consultant. That’s right, I deal with peoples money problems on a daily basis. And I will tell you one thing right now, there isn’t too many things that are more rewarding than taking a struggling individual or family and turning their lives around. I’m currently 35 years young and have been doing this for 10 years after graduating from the University Of Toronto.

So how many people have you helped?

Well I am so glad you asked! Currently, I am working with more than 20 clients on a regular basis. I have helped more than 200 individuals get their finances on track and slash those credit card and line of credits down to zilch.

What caused you to start this site?

Well, I was sitting down after an excellent Sunday(church and football, I look forward to it every week) and I thought…how can I help more people? Well, if you haven’t heard, a lot of people use the internet. And even better, a ton of people use the internet. As you can see I put two and two together and figured I can increase my PF expertise reach by starting a website! The best part about all of this, all this information will be completely free! I won’t be using advertising to make money, I won’t be doing any of that. All of this will be simply my gift to you due to my love for all things finance!


Talk soon, and have a wonderful day!